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Partying since 1975! LIVE MUSIC 7/7


*JOJO’S ingredients for a successful evening*

- one pitcher of Blues

- one 26oz of Rock

- one pint of Soul

- one glass of Funk

- one shooter of Folk

- one spoon of Country

- one pinch of Reggae

- one drop of Jazz

- 1 to 8 talented musicians

- one handful of the 20 employees a little bit crazy (but very welcoming)


*Recipe* Mix well and serve every day. Repeat non-stop. We are proud to serve this ‘punch party’ since almost 40 years.

*Result* A small bar filled with a huge addictive vibe, where Johnny Cash lyrics alongside Hendrix guitar playing, where the frenzy James Brown’s dance takes us, where the intensity of Janis accompanies the ‘thrill’ of B.B. King, where our Mojo is way more awesome than Muddy Waters. While the blues of Gerry Boulet can’t pass through the door and we’re asking ourself what to say to Lapointe who stands beside us, we realize that we are in a mythical place in Montréal and that we are all part of a family bound by the love of music. Then BOOM! Someone offers a shooter while the staff sets the bar on fire! CHEERS!

IMPORTANT: Do not force the dose, true connoisseurs will serve themself and will ask for more again and again. No adverse effects observed, but may cause addiction, a sense of lightness and memorable memories. Friendships can also develop, which can sometimes lead to a love story.


We are fully responsible for all the fun that you may have with us.

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