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***Entrée 10$ Covercharge*** Le guitariste et chanteur BOBBY THOMPSON vient de Washington. Il n'est pas étranger au monde du blues et rock. Il a appris à jouer dans les vieux clubs de blues de Washington D.C. Avec son style vocal lisse et son goût musical, Thompson est considéré comme un «must see». Son trio est forgé avec une émotion profonde et s'inscrit dans la voie initiée par le grand Jimi Hendrix, mélange de traditions profondément enracinées du blues avec un côté rock populaire pour créer un son qui remuera chaque âme. // Awe-inspiring master guitarist and vocalist Bobby Thompson comes from Washington. He is no stranger to the blues and rock world. He cut his teeth learning to play in the old blues clubs of D.C. from the likes of Bobby Parker. After honing his craft as a much sought after support man, Thompson decided to step out as a solo artist, releasing three albums since 2011. A recent review from Roots Music Report claims Thompson’s songs portray "muscular blues- and soul-rock strong on soulful vocals and cut-above-the-norm originals." With his smooth, gripping vocal stylings and his perfect musical taste on anything with a string, Thompson is what’s referred to as a “musician’s musician. Considered a “must see” act of the Northeast region, Bobby was nominated for the D.C area Musician of the Year award in 2015. The Bobby Thompson Project is his latest collaboration with New Orleans groove master Jeff Mills and Mississippi bass extraordinaire Danny Infante. This trio is wrought with deep emotion and blazes down the path pioneered by the great Jimi Hendrix, blending deeply-rooted blues traditions with a popular rock edge to create a sound that will stir every soul.

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