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Partying since 1975! LIVE MUSIC 7/7

What should I expect going to Bistro à Jojo ?

Nothing else but a great time! Our staff will fittingly welcome you and you'll be charmed by the unpretentious and family atmosphere who reigns in here. Not to mention the indisputable talent of our artists and the quality of our shows, all in an electrifying but also intimate place. One visit and you'll want more!


Do you serve food ?

No! We only offer drink service and shows. But you'll easily find great restaurants around the Quartier Latin.


Are minors allowed to come ? 

No! We only have drinks and live music permits, no food. Therefore we cannot allow minors to come.


Is there a cover charge ? 

For our late afternoon shows (5pm-9pm), there's no cover charge since the musicians play mostly for tips; it's at your discretion according to your appreciation of their talent! 

Regarding our late night shows (10:30pm-2:30pm), there's a cover charge at all time to allow us to ensure quality music 7 days a week. This amount per person goes from 5$ (sunday to wednesday) to 10$ (thursday to saturday) and more (special events / holidays). The coatcheck is mandatory on weekends (2$) during winter due to our limited space between tables.


Do I still have to pay the cover charge even if I've been here a while? 

Yes! Drinks and live music services are two different things! This moderate cover charge allows us to ensure quality shows 7 days a week. Be proud to support live music and talented artists!


But who is JOJO?! 

Mr. Joe ''JOJO'' Lévis, who was the owner of the restaurant ''Le St-Malo" right next door and who founded Bistro à Jojo in 1975.



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